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Strategic Meetings Management Handbook edited by Kevin Iwamoto

Not long ago, only the most sophisticated and informed corporate travel, meetings, and procurement managers knew anything about strategic meetings management (SMM), the science of centralized meetings planning and management. Today, however, more and more companies see adopting SMM as a necessity in order to gain greater visibility into all meetings spend, boost control over expenditures and mitigate the everyday financial and security risks that come with holding events around the world.

Biscuitville: The Secret Recipe for Building a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Biscuitville is the ultimate American success story which you’ve probably never heard of. It’s a company which had its humble beginnings in the American south, making and selling the best tasting biscuits in the land. Now it is quickly on its way to becoming the fast food equivalent of Starbucks. Biscuitville the company is a model for how America should have been doing business for the last 30 years and how it should be doing business in the future.

Biscuitville the book is packed full of insights into how companies must operate in order to be successful in a new business environment.

In Strategic Meetings Management Handbook: From Theory to Practice, eleven meetings industry thought leaders have come together to share their knowledge and experience about advanced SMM theories and best practices.