18 in 08 (Documentary Film: DVD)

18 in 08 (Documentary Film: DVD)

David Burstein, Director
Subject: Subject
Date Published: Nov 15 2007
ISBN: 0979824834

18 in ‘08 is a nonpartisan documentary film and movement targeting today’s 17 to 24-year-olds, many of whom will be voting in their first presidential election in 2008. Made by 18-year-old director David D. Burstein and produced by Crossborders, 18 in ‘08: The Film, features interviews with many of the most influential politicians of today, as well as figures from popular culture, political activists, media commentators, student leaders, and young people.

18 in ‘08 highlights what is at stake for youth in the 2008 election, how decisions made in Washington today will affect young people for years to come, the issues and ideas that engage our generation, what turns us off, why are we so cynical about politics, the role of new media in engaging young voters, and candidates who have inspired youth.

Fast-paced, entertaining, and thought-provoking, the film is ultimately a call to young people to overturn their traditional under-representation in election campaigns, get involved in the political process, and vote. The film features a cast of leading politicians, media figures, and thinkers including: Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Robert Byrd, political strategist James Carville, General Wesley Clark, Senator Chris Dodd, ABC’s Sam Donaldson, Academy Award Winning Actor Richard Dreyfuss, Presidential Advisor David Gergen, Senator Chuck Hagel, Senator John Kerry, Representative John Lewis, Senator Joe Lieberman, and MTV News’ Gideon Yago.

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