The Work: 25 Years of Fallon

The Work: 25 Years of Fallon


Pat Fallon and Bob Barrie, editors
Subject: Business / Advertising
Date Published: Jul 21 2006
ISBN: 0974380652

Insanity is contagious. How else do you explain five fresh-faced Minnesotans who were crazy enough to believe, way back in 1981, that a start-up agency in Minneapolis could fire a warning shot of creativity across the bow of Madison Avenue? How else do you explain these same five camping out, uninvited, in the lobby of their first new business pitch with a portfolio full of ads, and then actually winning the damn thing-against 16 other agencies?

How else do you explain the restless clients, big and small, who quickly came running? Or the hundreds of amazingly talented people who flocked here to be part of this crazy experiment on the prairie?

From the world’s largest bank to the Episcopal Church; from The Wall Street Journal to Rolling Stone, from Hush Puppies to United Airlines.

Celebrating 25 years of creativity that has helped drive results and ultimately outsmart the competition.

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